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Why Choose Megan?

Open Ears | Open Heart


Megan completed her SUDP (Substance Use Disorder Professional) Certificate at Pierce College in 2010.

Megan received her MSW (Master of Social Work) specializing in Clinical Social Work, from the University of Washington in 2014.


Megan has over 10 years of practical experience in the field of counseling. Before opening her own private practice, Megan worked at various community mental health agencies, inpatient and outpatient substance abuse agencies and provided direct mental health and substance abuse counseling to several high schools in Washington. 


Megan is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

(WA license #LW61144279).

As well as a Substance Use Disorder Professional

(WA license #CP60229255).

Megan is also trained to provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.


Megan believes that every human being deserves a chance to be heard and valued. She approaches counseling from a social justice, body liberation and anti-racism perspective. Megan is fat-positive as well as LGBTQIA+ and neurodiverse affirming.

Areas of focus

Megan is trained to provide counseling for a wide array of concerns (click here for the complete list). Her specific areas of focus are:

Working with Teens (13+ years)

Body Liberation and Weight Stigma



Substance Abuse and Addiction


Megan understands therapy and change doesn't just happen within her office walls. She is committed to advocating for the rights of underserved, under-represented, minority and marginalized populations. Megan acts as a true advocate not just for her clients directly, but also within the community as an ally.

Within the community, Megan is happy to speak in front of schools and teen groups to raise awareness about substance abuse, weight stigma, body image, mental health and other issues.

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